infinite usage

Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics end up in our oceans. Moreover, only 5% of all plastic actually gets recycles. So, let's move to the better alternative -aluminium. It is infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality!

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bottle reuse ideas

We can also go a step beyond recycling. the (not so) ugly duckling bottles are reusable. Here are some cool ideas. Have some creative ideas of your own? Share them with us.

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who we are

"A great idea hatched when four people with a passion to do something about the plastics problem came together, and the (not so) ugly duckling was born." Saurav Palit, Founder

Ewelina Lesniak


When I read how much food goes to waste, I was determined as a product formulator to redefine skincare products to use this waste material and play a part in reducing waste on this planet."

Margarita Carabello


"I am a designer and an animal lover. Could there be a way to live both my passions? The philosophy of the (not so) ugly duckling is to be design forward and planet first."

Irina Guiorgiu


" I went to Bali for a vacation. I had been there 10 years ago and this time I was shocked to see so much trash on the beach. I knew then that things had to change"